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Part 2 of a 2-commission deal

Alternate source
safe1637808 artist:digitaldomain123745 princess celestia92249 queen chrysalis33659 spike76598 alicorn210793 changeling44038 changeling queen14463 dragon52088 pony903571 princess molestia3183 bedroom eyes56028 blushing186227 chryspike88 commission61141 digital art15828 eyeshadow14414 female1303750 femdom7662 heart45420 kiss mark1028 kiss on the cheek1626 kiss sandwich196 kissing23435 lipstick10360 lipstick fetish369 lucky bastard1536 makeup19728 male350596 mare449024 open mouth133173 shipping191352 smiling229863 spike gets all the mares734 spikelestia233 straight129848


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Background Pony #CBDC
I don't see how the two of them kissing each other is any more boring than the two of them kissing spike, but to answer your question; Me.