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Pony Waifu Sim

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Part 2 of a 2-commission deal

Alternate source
suggestive (116551)artist:digitaldomain123 (728)princess celestia (85075)queen chrysalis (30008)spike (70011)princess molestia (3073)ahegao (19121)bedroom eyes (45645)blushing (158397)chryspike (46)commission (42360)digital art (7984)eyeshadow (10943)female (787655)femdom (5924)heart (38889)kissing (20591)kiss mark (823)kiss on the cheek (1238)kiss sandwich (169)lipstick (8374)lipstick fetish (338)lucky bastard (1869)makeup (14718)male (267685)open mouth (107690)shipping (168708)smiling (188816)spike gets all the mares (638)spikelestia (217)straight (111953)


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Background Pony #F89F
I don’t see how the two of them kissing each other is any more boring than the two of them kissing spike, but to answer your question; Me.
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