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This looks like your first visit to the site; if you plan on sticking around you should take a few moments to read the Derpibooru Primer and look around before you dive in. At the very least please read the following about filters on the site.

Content safety on Derpibooru

The vast majority of content on Derpibooru (about 80%) is safe for all ages and suitable for work (if your employers don't mind you browsing ponies in your lunch break). By default the site's filters outright hide or obscure (with a spoiler image) all content that is not safe for all ages or workplaces.

By selecting an alternative filter from the lists below, you may expose yourself (depending on the filter) to adult material or gore/grimdark content. This material is NOT SUITABLE for under-18s (the exact age limit in your jurisdiction may vary) and some material may be of questionable legality in your jurisdiction.

By changing away from the default filters to filters that expose adult material you accept that you are of legal age to view this material in your jurisdiction. If you are not of legal age to view adult material, leave the filters alone (or select a more restrictive filter).

Browsing Filters

Images posted on Derpibooru are tagged, allowing you to easily search for content. You can also filter out content you'd rather not see using filters. Filters are sets of tags - spoilered tags and hidden tags. Spoilers are images that show up as thumbnails instead of the image, letting you click through and find out more about an image before deciding to view it or not. Hidden tags will simply hide images.

Derpibooru has a set of global filters to pick from which cover some common use-cases. In addition to this you can customize these filters and make your own, allowing you to quickly switch (via the menu on every page) between presets.

So how do these work?

You can select any filter you can see. This will be come your active filter and will affect how you see the site. You can edit filters if you own them - you can create a filter from scratch with the link under "My Filters" (if you're logged in, of course) or by clicking "Customize", which will copy an existing filter for you to edit.

By default all your filters are private and only visible by you. You can have as many as you like and switch between them instantly with no limits. You can also create a public filter, which can be seen and used by any user on the site, allowing you to share useful filters with others. You can see other people's filters in the Popular Filters list below; search tools for finding filters beyond those 5 filters are coming soon.

The visible field we used to have has gone, as you no longer have to override site defaults - so now you only have to decide what you want to spoiler or hide and set your filters accordingly.

Search Filters

Some users maintain custom filters which are publicly shared; you can search these filters with the box below.

Global Filters


This filter won't filter anything out at all - that means NSFW content!


The site's default filters, hiding some of the nasty stuff and making the site largely safe for work. Focuses on art.

Everything C

Like All Images, but spoilers NSFW content.

Everything B

Like All Images, but spoilers NSFW content and still hides blatant spam.

Default B

Like Default, but spoilers NSFW content. Focuses on art.

TV-Y Mode

Safe for Woona.